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Customer Ratings & Reviews for Mooney Insurance Brokers

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Buying insurance can be time consuming and confusing (and expensive). Sean made a normally painful experience relatively quick and easy. He explained gaps in our coverage and made suggestions for ways we could get more protection - all while saving us a lot of money. He seems to work 24/7 and is always quick to respond. I really enjoy working with him and only regret not finding him sooner.

Sean is exactly what you are looking for out of an insurance broker. Not pushy, only helpful, and very responsive. He was able to secure a combined Auto-Home policy to go along with my new house that saved my family about $60/month on home insurance and $500/year on auto insurance compared to all the other quotes I had secured. Very satisfied, you will not be disappointed.

Sean Mooney was absolutely amazing during the process of getting me insurance on my new house. He got us the best deal possible and made the whole process incredibly simple. He is an extremely nice and experienced worker. I highly recommend him to everyone.

Thank you Sean ! I had a few insurance questions and concerns and you answered everything in language I could relate to. You were able to lower my premiums and give me the coverage I needed.

usually you would cringe thinking about insurance policies but Sean makes it easy! He's attentive and responsive. It was a positive experience. It's not often you can say that when looking for insurance!

I cannot say enough great things about Sean. He took time to explain my coverages and offered me a huge savings, which is why I made the switch.

I recently moved to New Jersey from Pennsylvania and Sean helped us to find home and auto insurance. Everything was perfect and the transition was seamless! Highly recommend!
Jennifer Z, Mt. Laurel, NJ, AL

Excellent Service
Sean is a great guy to do business with. Very professional, knowledgeable, and expedient! I highly recommend him for all insurance needs!

Superb service and unbelievable savings!
I was with another insurance company when Sean from Mooney Insurance Brokers called me. He gave me a quote including home, auto and rental insurance to compare, and his quote offered a savings of about $500 or $600 dollars.We've been with them about a year and a half, and we have been thrilled with the service! Sean provides dedicated, personalized service. He is very quick to answer any questions, and he is diligent about getting back to you. The service is great!

Saved me over $1000!
Sean Mooney recently helped me with my home and auto insurance coverage. He saved me over $1,000 per year with even better coverage than I had previously with a different carrier. I am thrilled with the extra savings each month. I highly recommend Mooney Insurance Brokers. Thanks, Sean!

Better coverage, Better prices, Better customer service!
Make no mistake about it. Sean is your go-to insurance resource, and here's why. When most people go to secure their insurance policies (e.g. home, auto, etc), they typically get minimal information from their carrier on "what if" situations; which is the main reason we all get insurance in the first place. This is truly where Sean excels. Not only does he have a decade of experience working for one of the largest insurance companies in the world, Sean now runs his own insurance brokerage (Mooney Insurance Brokers). This works out well for the consumer because Sean is able to personalize all of your policies using his multiple carrier relationships. In the end, the consumer benefits from working with Sean. You get better coverage, better prices, and better customer service from a guy who is an expert in his field. I strongly recommend talking to Sean, reviewing all of your insurance policies, and learning more about how to best protect your assets and your life.

We recently switched both our auto and homeowners insurance because Sean was able to provide better coverage and save us a considerable amount of money. A few months later, I had a unique situation with the former insurance company. Sean rectified the whole problem. The only phone call I had to make was to Sean Mooney. If you're wise, you'll make a phone call to Sean today. You won't regret it!

Great Service.
In a time where customer service has seemed to dissapear, that con not be said for Mooney Insurance Brokers. Not only is Sean easy to do business with, he makes things as simple as possible. I felt comfortable throughout the process which essentially had me doing nothing and Sean finding the best coverage for me. All this while saving me cash. Thanks Sean.

Sean was extremely welcoming, courteous, and responsive working with my wife and I switching insurance from another provider. He was informative and detailed as to where we were gapping in coverage on our existing policy and how he would be able to affordably expand our coverage to meet our needs. We greatly appreciated Sean's honesty and would recommend Sean to anyone looking for a new provider as well as looking for insurance for the first time.

I use Mooney Insurance Brokers for auto insurance and they did a great job. I was impressed with their customer service. I like the fact that they give you the kind of personal attention that you don't get with a lot of large firms. It's a start-up and he hasn't been with them all that long but he's been in the business a long time.

After an arduous read through my homeowners/auto insurance policy I had a ton of questions regarding many topics in it. Sean took the time to answer and clarify all concerns in a one on one Saturday afternoon meeting. Thanks Sean. Looking forward to many more years of doing business together.

I actually knew Sean from Mooney Insurance Brokers before when he was an agent for someone else and he's always done a great job for me. Now that he has his own office he's gotten even better. He saves me money on my auto and home and is easy to work with. He does the work for you and there are no hassles.

Completely Positive Experience
Mooney Insurance is wonderful. Sean is very responsive, courteous, and experienced. I've previously had poor experiences with other agents but Sean has delivered a completely positive experience for me. He really made the process of transferring my policy very smooth and stress-free. I use them both for home owners' and car insurance. The prices are also great. I've been using them for over five years now and would strongly recommend them for their care and attention.

I recently went to Mooney Insurance looking to save money on my home and auto policies. Sean did a review of my current coverage and was able to give me several options that were better priced and offered better coverage. I am very happy with the service from this agency and would highly recommend to anyone looking to save some money and get a great agent.

We reached out to Mooney Insurance last year to get a quote to see if we could save money on our homeowners and car insurance policies. Not only did Sean get us better prices than we were paying, he almost doubled the coverage we had in place with our previous homeowners policy. This year we moved to a new house and Sean was right there with us every step to show us the best options out there. Definitely check them out – you’ll save money and couldn’t work with a better guy.

I responded to a postcard I received in the mail thinking there was no way that Mooney Insurance Brokers could beat my current home and auto package because I was with one of the "big name" national insurance companies. Well..... I was wrong. Sean was able to get me a new package with more coverage and lower deductibles AND he was able to save me $540/ year. The best part of the whole process was that I didn't have to do anything. He quoted me the new coverage, delivered the policies, and cancelled my old insurance. If you haven't looked at your current policies in a while I would recommend that you contact Sean and see if he can help you.

Let's face it, no one likes to deal with insurance. Its boring and confusing. That's why a broker like Sean is so valuable - he broke down all of my insurance needs into simple terms, laid out plan for me and saved me a couple of bucks in the process. I've already referred a few people to him!

Sean went above and beyond for me. I know absolutly nothing about this kind of stuff, and he totally took care of everything. We started with my business insurance which Sean got done in no time. Because I trusted Sean and he was a pleasure to work with, we talked about my personal insurance and - at the risk of sounding like a commercial - he saved my mother and I hundreds of dollars. Who knew it could have been so simple. When I needed to change things, he was on the ball - getting documents to me within hours. He is the best! Not just a great worker but a nice guy. A real people person. I will refer him to anyone and eveyone.

Sean at Mooney Brokers was great. It's pretty clear he's been in the insurance business a while, and the process was seamless. We ended up with better auto insurance, at about 1/2 the cost of our previous insurer. It's definitely worth your time to give them a call, I know I've referred several coworkers who have also made the switch.

I worked with Sean Mooney at his previous insurance agency. Because I received such great client service, I decided to move my business to his new company. The service I've received has been top-notch. I use them for both my business and my home insurance needs. Mooney Insurance Brokers saved me money on both my car and home owners insurance while giving me better coverage than I previously had. I highly recommend using Mooney Insurance Brokers. Not only have they saved me money but I receive excellent, timely service.

Not only did Mooney Insurance Brokers save us a lot money a year with better coverage and lower deductibles on our home and auto insurance, but they have a genuine interest in you the customer and what is best for you. They work hard and diligently for you, getting you the results which are best for you. Sean Mooney has been our insurance agent for many years. We have always been pleased with his level of expertise and quality of service. Mooney Insurance Brokers always going above and beyond! We've recommended them to many of our family and friends and have never been sorry we did.

Mooney is very attentive and very knowledgeable. I went to them to take a look at my current car insurance policy, and not only did they get me a better plan, but it was also less expensive. The transaction was both very professional and seamless. I highly recommend.

As a first time home buyer, I was shopping for insurance and decided to go with Mooney. I am very glad I did. He got me an incredible rate and found me the right policy. Aside from the the fact that he got me such a good policy, he had an incredible focus on the client experience. He treated me as if I was his only client, and oversaw my whole process from start to closing. He was always incredibly responsive to any inquiry I had, and was a pleasure to deal with, I would recommend him to anyone looking for an insurance product.

Mooney saved us over $1000 a year on our car insurance. Let me say that again. Over $1000 a year. While that may not be typical, this small shop has the hands on approach that makes you feel confident that no stone will remain unturned when it comes to trying to find you the best deal.

The savings alone were an amazing development, but it is the customer service that really sets them apart. I never thought I could be so elated about an Insurance shop! Call Mooney and you will never look back.

I was with Allstate for years and just assumed they were the best. After Sean reviewed my policy, he showed me that I didn't have enough insurance and gave me 3 quotes with better coverage and each were less money. I was shocked that I could increase my coverage and still save over $475 a year but it's true. If you haven't looked at your insurance policies in a while you should definitely call Mooney Insurance Brokers and let them give you a free comparison.

Mooney Insurance Brokers have saved us about $1200 a year on car insurance plus a little more on our home insurance. Sean made everything extremely easy and basically we were done after one, brief, factual phone call which made everything very clear and straightforward. I had thought it would take a lot of work trying to switch from our previous provider but it was the most painless process I have encountered yet with respect to any household bill. Sean is great at what he does and extremely thorough. The customer service is absolutely top notch, its a nice change to have someone call you and say everything has been taken care of rather than having to put yourself through the usual "press 2 if your query relates to....." at other companies.

Mooney Insurance Brokers received a rating of 5.0 out of 5 based on 30 reviews on IWantInsurance.com.
354 W Lancaster Ave #206
Wayne, PA 19087
Ph: 215.358.0197
Fx: 215.893.3030
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